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Moonstone is a glowing, milky toned set with a subtle marble pattern. The gold foil infuses this design with a luxe and modern sense of exploration!  Whimsical but also elegant, try Moonstone's elevated take on white tips. 


Kit Includes: 
✧ 20 Nail Stickers
✧ 1 Nail File
✧ 1 Wood Stick

✧ Easy Application & Removal
✧ Long Lasting Results up to 14 Days
✧ Strengthens and Protects Your Natural Nails


How to Apply:
✧ Shape nails with a nail file and clean cuticles as desired.
✧ Wipe nails clean of dirt and oil using an alcohol pad and wait until dry.
✧ Choose a nail sticker that matches your nail size.
✧ Place sticker on your nail and press down. Avoid any overlap with skin/cuticle.
✧ Trim excess sticker with a nail clipper or fold sticker over nail edge and file downward at a 90 degree angle.
✧ Cure your nails under a UV nail lamp for 1 minute.
✧ Instant, strong, glossy nails! We recommend using a gel top coat for a longer lasting finish.

How to Remove:
✧ Starting near the cuticle, use the wooden stick to gently lift the sticker off the nail.
✧ Clean nails with an alcohol pad or polish remover to complete.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Love this Design!!!!

    Love this design! I’m always on the go, busy taking care of my family and balancing work. As an artist, I’m never satisfied going to a nail salon because it feels like they don’t care for your nails. My nails always feels so brittle and weak after… after trying out nova-nails, I’m an avid fan. The colors, the designs, fit right up my alley, and I love that I can apply it myself. It’s quick and easy, and I have total control of how my nails will look and I can properly care for my nails as well. Not to mention it stays on for a long time!

    Canary Ho
    A MUST HAVE!!!

    As an artist, it's hard to always get my nails done due to my schedule and the lack of money. I always used to use nail stickers. When I found NOVA Nails, I decided to give it a try and I won't lie; it's better than the nail stickers. These sets are affordable, they last a long time, and they harden unlike sticker nails. I also love the glossy, gel feel; it feels as if I stepped out of a nail salon. I will definitely be purchasing more and more.
    I used Moonstone and Kismet set. I enjoyed this color combination and will try to combine others, too!
    LOVE IT. Thank you!!!

    Moonstone is so pretty!!!

    I'm a dancer and the fact these went through intensive floorwork plus I work at and go to dance studios on the daily, these held up strong. I would say it would last even longer if I didn't have my gel-x tips because I was testing the product out on fake nails and the only thing that came off was my fake tips and not the product itself. Totally recommend on natural nails because it will not lift and it's easy to apply/remove. I feel like my nails have gotten healthier using NOVA Nails and I super love the designs and high quality material <3

    Super cute

    So cute white look with a little gold to them loved it ! Easy to put on and adjust to you nail 10/10


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