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We’re making it easier than ever to get the gel manicure of your dreams! Our Nova Nails starter bundle pack is everything you need to give yourself a gel sticker mani, from start to finish, in about 15 minutes!

Starter Bundle includes:

1. Portable white UV/LED nail lamp
2. Rose gold trimming scissors
3. Our Brilliant Gellie top coat

Nail Kits Sold Separately.

Super travel-friendly when you’re on the go and a great gift for family and friends. Our starter pack includes a portable UV/LED nail lamp, trimming scissors, and gel top coat to get that perfect manicure that lasts up to 3+ weeks!


Kit Includes: 
✧ 20 Nail Stickers
✧ 1 Nail File
✧ 1 Wood Stick

✧ Easy Application & Removal
✧ Long Lasting Results up to 14 Days
✧ Strengthens and Protects Your Natural Nails


How to Apply:
✧ Shape nails with a nail file and clean cuticles as desired.
✧ Wipe nails clean of dirt and oil using an alcohol pad and wait until dry.
✧ Choose a nail sticker that matches your nail size.
✧ Place sticker on your nail and press down. Avoid any overlap with skin/cuticle.
✧ Trim excess sticker with a nail clipper or fold sticker over nail edge and file downward at a 90 degree angle.
✧ Cure your nails under a UV nail lamp for 1 minute.
✧ Instant, strong, glossy nails! We recommend using a gel top coat for a longer lasting finish.

How to Remove:
✧ Starting near the cuticle, use the wooden stick to gently lift the sticker off the nail.
✧ Clean nails with an alcohol pad or polish remover to complete.

    Starter Bundle
    Starter Bundle
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    Must Buy!

    If you are interested in starting to do high quality nails at home, this is a MUST BUY! The Starter Bundle includes everything needed for your nails to look their best without having the expensive salon price.


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